The Buffalo Room

Buffalo Room


River Cow Orchestra FinalRiver Cow Orchestra - Chill Jazz

River Cow Orchestra wants you to experience sound in four dimensions. 4-D sound is all about the experience being created instantly, as opposed to music which has been written out and rehearsed for perfection to perform. Sound waves exist not only in three dimensional space, but they also move in time, the fourth dimension. River Cow Orchestra takes a zen approach to music, creating music on the spot which is unique and will never be performed again. Come experience music in the 4th dimension. 60m PG Music


BurlesqueOnTheRocks-AnnieCherryAnnie Cherry

In Annie Cherry and Sara d’Joue’s wildly successful monthly series Burlesque on the Rocks, the performers pay tribute to the music that moves us with avant-garde striptease, drag, and comedic performances all to the sounds of one particular band or artist. Past tributes have included Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett, and more. Now watch David Bowie rock our socks (and a whole lot more) off as a part of KC Fringe Festival. 60m R


ClassyLadiesOfJazz-SuzetteWoodsSuzette Woods

The elegant vocalist Suzette delivers a stunning tribute to two of her favorite influential jazz and blues legends, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holliday. This cabaret-styled showcase not only features their timeless, classic hits but highlights the humble struggle and stories behind their rise to worldwide popularity. 60m PG Music

 Companions-JohnRobertsonJonathan Robertson/Sound Theater

The creators of The Audio Cart (Kansas City Fringe Festival, 2014) are excited to present their new work Companions, a piece about a woman, her husband, and a TV. When a woman discovers that she can speak with the TV, her marriage, her life, and her reality dissolve into the white noise that surrounds us all. Tune in to this digital love triangle full of sound and TV gibberish that will keep you engaged with its fast-paced dialogue and memorable outbursts. 60m PG (Adult Language) Theatre

 Cosmolyrical-PhilLongPhil Long and Beth Marshall (Orlando, FL)

A world premiere by former Orlando Fringe producer known for KC Fringe hits (The Screw You Revue, L’Ange Avec Les Fleurs and Bric-A-Brac) A mixed-martial metaphorical brain ride for the gypsy hopeful that asks the ultimate question, “What if it’s all poetry?” An atheist producer and Christian stand-up poet deliver a cabaret-style autobiographical slam poetry mashup where physics meets metaphysics, ancient wisdom dabbles in modern science, and religion discovers doubt. 60m G Spoken Word


International Brotherhood of Magicians

KC Magic Cabaret gives the audience a chance to experience the art of magic in a variety show that will showcase the magical talent of Kansas City’s finest entertainers. A past winner of Best of Fringe. 60m. All shows all ages except July 25 which is adults only. Theatre

 MosquitoRadioHour-SwarmOfTellersA Swarm of Tellers

The Moth Radio Hour… “the show dances between documentary and theater, creating a unique, intimate, and often enlightening experience for the audience….”... crap: That is plagiarism. Well, we are not that show. Each night will bring a swarm of tellers inspired by the theme telling true stories of irritations, annoyances, and bumps in life. Be prepared to itch and scratch. 60m PG (Adult Language) Spoken Word

MotownDreams-BrJohnA Musical Tribute to Berry Gordy and the Motown Sound

Br. John

The producer of Best of Fringe winners Hey Minnie the Moocher and Br. John Sings Sam Cooke brings the latest in his “Historical Showcase Concert” series. Reminisce to memorable tunes while reliving the moment that led Berry to create Motown Records. 60m PG (Adult Language)


Ry Kincaid

Presidential Briefs is an American history rock musical. Playwright/composer/actor Ry Kincaid plays a history teacher who gives a rundown on all 44 U.S. Presidents in 44 original songs performed in 50 minutes! Songs include John Quincy Adams was Bald and a rap about William Howard Taft (You Can’t Knock Down 340). Hysterical and historical, “Presidential Briefs” is fun for those who know a little or a lot about the Commanders-in-Chief. @rykincaid 60m G Theatre

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