Conversations Across Time, Culture and Space: Gertrude Stein and June Jordan

Time Warp Theatre

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Gertrude and June Ad almost final (1)Presented in a theatrical medium of poetry and prose this highly acclaimed performance consists of conversations between early 20th century modernist writer Gertrude Stein and late 20th Century activist poet June Jordan. These visionaries provide audience members insight into their life as they reflect on timeless issues of race, class and culture using their works, their wit, and their conflicts.  Stein and Jordan were two mavericks who through their struggles and triumphs, defied not only the odds, but at times, reason and logic to find their place in the world.  The conversations take us from the early to late 20th century and from eastern U.S. to Paris and back to the Bay Area. While there is commonality pertaining to Stein and Jordan regarding the geography, the timing is as disparate as their often divergent world views.  The production reveals much but it whets viewers appetites about these women who chose to cut their own path in the literary world, leaving a wide open trail for those of us seeking similar destinations.


Kansas City area poets Sharon Gibson and Kelly Hams-Pearson present "Conversations Across Time, Culture and Space." This highly acclaimed hybrid "performance-play" consists of a series of imagined but fact-based dialogues on life, politics, and craft between writers Gertrude Stein and June Jordan. These maverick visionaries share their lives with audience members as they reflect on timeless issues of race, class, and culture using their works, their wit, and their conflicts.




1715 Wyandotte
Kansas City, MO 64111

Show Times

7/17 - Friday - 9:30 pm

7/19 - Sunday - 6:30 pm

7/24 - Friday - 6:30 pm




60 Minutes