Dirty Birdie Story Hour

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image1DIRTY BIRDIE STORY HOUR began in Los Angeles, haunting the back room of a bar without customers.  The first few months were literally just the storytellers confessing their dirty deeds to each other, like a support group for proud perverts.  Then, the fun moved to the back room of a sex club in Van Nuys, CA.  Twice a month, the floor got mopped, the seats got sprayed with disinfectant, and the red lights were turned all the way up to better illuminate the action.  We drank cheap beer from a styrofoam cooler, told our stories on the pole platform, and washed our hands a lot.  In January 2015, Dirty Birdie moved yet again, leaving behind the sweaty ball stank of the San Fernando Valley sex club for the dying dream stank of a Hollywood bar.  Dirty Birdie Story Hour now enjoys the honor of being one of 4 monthly cocktail hour shows at 3 Clubs (1123 Vine) warming up the stage for the longest-running burlesque show in Los Angeles: the award-winning Monday Night Tease.

The show founder and host, Susanna Lee, has a background rich in deviance.  Enjoying a career that spans the worlds of standup, storytelling, sex work, crime, drugs, and writing, she has always taken a shine to all things outside the box.  In 2014, she was the creator, co-executive producer, and host of a webseries that no one watched, called "Peeping Comics", filmed in LA's only traditional peepshow, where she interviewed her fellow comedians about their personal deviance, while at the same time giving them a fully nude peepshow.  Her favorite part of the interview was always hearing the stories, so when the opportunity was offered for her to do a live show, Dirty Birdie Story Hour was born.



Unicorn Theatre Jerome Stage

3828 Main Street
Kansas City, MO 6411

Show Times

7/17- Friday- 9:00 pm

7/18- Saturday- 6:00 pm

7/20- Monday- 7:30 pm

7/23- Thursday- 7:30 pm

7/24- Friday- 10:30 pm




60 Minutes




Adult Language