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Project 15:16

Show Information: Project 15:16 was formed in 2011 when singer/bassist Larry Balmer, singer/drummer Granger Lofton and guitarist/singer, Rick Kuenzler joined forces.  This trio of songwriters effectively blends Pop and Rock with a hint of Blues.  Musical backgrounds ranging from Heavy Metal to Rock to Pop and the fusion of vocal styles allow Project 15:16 to…

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Zeus’ Cuckoo

Michael Shaeffer Show Information: He’s the artist MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL magazine calls “inexplicable but totally hilarious” and the Minneapolis Star Tribune hails as “brilliantly funny, unpretentious, and engaging.”  National Poetry Slam poet and pop culture maven Michael Shaeffer flies in from Alaska to spin silly stories from Greek gods to 80s rock, from frisky frogs to Foghorn…

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Words + Music Showcase

Linda Ade Brand/Lyric Opera of KC Show Information: Introducing Words + Music – an ALL NEW collaboration between Lyric Opera of Kansas City, The Coterie Theatre’s Young Playwrights Roundtable and UMKC’s Composition Department, Academy and Composers in the Schools program. The outcome is the world debut presentation of ten new arias or scenes covering a…

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What’s the Pointe?

VidaDance Show Information: VidaDance is a movement – art, expression, life. “What’s the Pointe?” demonstrates VidaDance’s belief that concert dance should be easily understood and appreciated by everyone. We want our audience to experience excellent, funny, compelling, and relevant dance pieces that will connect with them on a deeply personal level. “What’s the Pointe?” is…

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Wanted: KC

Ghost Light Productions KC Show Information: In this day and age, communication has never been easier. Asking for help is just a click away. The internet gives us so much freedom, putting up a Craigslist ad takes hardly any effort, millions of people make “Wanted” ads every day. But who are the people behind these…

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Voyage to Voyager

Pale Blue Dot Show Information: Carl Sagan takes you on a voyage to the Voyager Space Mission and the Golden Record with its message for extraterrestrial life to discover eons from now. The creators of last year’s Fringe favorite “Red Death” invite you to the magical dome of Gottlieb Planetarium where live actors, animation, and…

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PerformOUT KC Show Information: Produced and performed by PerformOUT KC, Umbrellas is a coming of age story about four teenagers. As they each try to work through their own issues with sexuality and identity, outside forces act in their way. They then must learn how to protect and accept themselves because once you accept and…

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Twice Conceived

Jamie Mayo Show Information: Two Faeries. One curse: innumerable tragedies, no two alike. One family: a multitude of generations. One cure: more deadly than the curse? One cursebreaker: one lifetime to get it right. Part twist on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, part personal story with a ghost or two thrown in, this spoken word performance…

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Living Room Show Information: ThisThatThen is a three-act love story between Ethan and Aimee. Writer/Director Bryan Moses brings his epic romance to The Living Room stage.  Venue Living Room 1818 McGeeKansas City, MO 64111 Show Times 7/17- Friday- 6:00pm 7/19 – Sunday – 5:00pm 7/20 – Monday – 9:00pm 7/21 – Tuesday – 4:30pm 7/22…

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Tease the Rainbow

Cirque du Risque Show Information: Come see Cirque du Risqué for their 4th annual Fringe Festival production. With this installment we will be celebrating the colorful spectrum of human sexuality and expression, through exuberant exhibitions and screw-ball shenanigans. With jugglers, magicians, fire eaters, burlesque dancers, and characters of all shapes and sizes, Cirque du Risqué:…

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Taking Care of Mom: The Musical

Jack Phillips Show Information: Mom and Dad, married over fifty years, are retired and living at home with Natalie, their great-niece. Mom has a serious health issue and has decided how she needs to handle it. Her decision makes everyone question their moral thinking. Mom’s short list of things to do includes a final conversation…

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Defy Dance Project and Heartlines Dance Company Show Information: “Synergy,” a collaborative show presented by Defy Dance Project and HEARTLINES Dance Company, features an evocative array of contemporary works performed by local artists creating an innovative and robust dance experience for audiences of all ages. Synergy brings together movement and music through the art of…

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