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AmIAGrownUpYet-GraysonMorrisGrayson Morris (Asheville,NC)

Stand-up comedian, storyteller, and puppeteer Grayson Morris uses humor and pathos to explore what it means to be a child-like woman trapped in an adult’s life. This one-woman show is centered around true personal stories and illustrated with cartoons, toy theater, and shadow puppetry. It premiered at the Asheville Fringe Festival where it held the audience enthralled “both by the brutal and comical honesty of the material and by Morris’ puckish charm.” -Jeff Messer, Mountain Xpress. 60m R Comedy

Gertrude and June Ad almost final (1)Time Warp Theatre

Kansas City area poets Sharon Gibson and Kelly Hams-Pearson present an acclaimed hybrid “performance-play” that consists of a series of imagined but fact-based dialogues on life, politics, and craft between writers Gertrude Stein and June Jordan. These maverick visionaries share their lives with audience members as they reflect on timeless issues of race, class, and culture using their works, their wit, and their conflicts. 60m PG

DearWhitePeople-LisaHenryLisa Henry

Time to have that ugly conversation, and hear those uncomfortable truths from a black woman... with a son. Recent events compel us all to take a hard look in the mirror, and decide what future we all want to have for ourselves and our children. Solutions must be placed on the table. Old history must be examined and acknowledged. Present society must discuss the plight of black men. Dear White People... it’s time! 60m R

FannieLou-MzuriMoyoAimbayeMzuri Moyo Aimbaye/Healing Through the Sound of Music (Cincinnati, OH)

A 75-minute One-Woman Play consisting of riveting storytelling, emotionally stirring songs of the civil rights era, and a video montage of Mrs. Hamer’s struggle for human dignity. A critic once wrote,”When Ms. Mzuri sings God smiles and angels flap their wings!” 60m PG (Gunshots) Theatre

PinkVampireThe Pink Vampire

In a fury of chasing trendy fads of the day, we find ourselves striving for what will last in a world where the newest is the most quickly dated. Stop and breathe. Relish in the timeless constant that is love, longing and passion. We invite you to join us for an enchanting night of song recalling a time of chivalry and class. Pink will inspire and thrill you. She will have you feeling good about yourself, laughing, crying, but most of all, she will leave you breathless! 60m G Music


A visit from the Mother of the Universe to deliver a message to humanity thru her Sun. SahjKaya. Be released from religious emotional economic spiritual physical mental slavery. All is misinterpreted. Divine intervention, in spoken word song the message now is come. The time for the healing of all nations, to create it and nurture, empower the body, liberate the mind the way it is created to be, or be resolved to self destruction by a tyrannical government. 60m PG (Adult Language) Spoken Word

Poops-BrieHenderson.jpgBrie Henderson

Everyone has something that they have to deal with, be it embarrassing, inconvenient, or just plain terrible. Mine is all three. I have ulcerative colitis, and I poop my pants. A lot. In all kinds of exotic locales. This piece is a collection of the more interesting/horrible things that have happened to me with this disease told through theatre. I promise a fun, awkward, and exciting time will be had by all. 60m R Theatre

ScientistTurnedComedian-TimLeeTim Lee (Los Angeles, CA)

A creative blend of stand-up comedy with science. Tim Lee is a comedian with a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution who’s become an international sensation selling out shows from Melbourne to New York. “very cerebral comedy” - NY Times. 60m G Comedy

TwiceConceived-JamieMayoJamie Mayo

Two Faeries. One curse: innumerable tragedies, no two alike. One family: a multitude of generations. One cure: more deadly than the curse? One cursebreaker: one lifetime to get it right. Part twist on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale, part personal story with a ghost or two thrown in, this spoken word performance piece uses humor, whimsy, and no small measure of pathos to explore the havoc wreaked upon a family by the legacies of tragedy and silence. 60m PG Spoken Word

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Kansas City, MO 64108