Fringe 411 and Boutique


Fringe 411, located on the Theatre Level of Union Station across from the Irish Center, is the place for ticket and merchandise sales, programs, show information, and just in general the place to go when you have questions about the festival. Pop in and see what's happening or call 816-359-9195.

Opening Date is July 12th!

Noon-6:00pm Sunday-Thursday
Noon-9:00pm Friday & Saturday

Available at 411!


Ticket Prices:

Online- $11.50 per ticket

But! If you come into 411 to buy your tickets..

Credit Purchases- $10.50 per ticket

Cash Purchases- $10 per ticket

So come into 411 to buy your tickets and SAVE!

Go here to find a show!

Fringe Button!

Buttons can be purchased for $5 at venues or at Fringe 411! You must have a button to attend Fringe shows and free events such as Late Night on the Fringe.

For more info about Fringe Buttons and the perks they can get you all year round, head over to our Buttons page!

Punch Cards

voucher front
voucher back

Wanting to see a bunch of shows or seeing shows as a couple/family? Punch cards are a great option! These are $100 values for only $90!

Punch cards can only be purchased at Fringe 411.

All Access Pass

For those wanting the ultimate Fringe experience! For $250 you can attend as many shows as you want and are able to!