The Grave

The Living Room

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Grave-LivingRoomPeggy Friesen stars in this three person comedy/drama written by Kansas City Fringe's favorite playwright Forrest Attaway. On the day of her ex-husband's funeral, Amanda is confronted by his recent live-in girlfriend. They both stand to inherit a large sum of money... but there is a catch. They both have to bury him by hand. Laughter and tears ensue as the two women engage in what can only be described as an unforgettable night of theatre. Starring Peggy Friesen, Amy Attaway, and Seth Macchi.



The Living Room

1818 McGee
Kansas City, MO 64108

Show Times

7/18 - Saturday - 9:00 pm

7/19- Sunday- 7:30 pm

7/21- Tuesday- 9:00 pm

7/22- Wednesday- 8:00 pm

7/23- Thursday- 7:30 pm

7/24- Friday- 6:00 pm

7/25- Saturday- 10:30 pm




60 Minutes




Adult Language