Jelly Rose

Show Information:

JellyRoseJelly Rose performs an eclectic mix of original music with sounds and textures from various genres including jazz, country, pop, rock, R&B and gospel. As one of her songs states, she wishes to remain "Unclassified" as an artist. She creates "Spirit Music" that is good for the heart, mind and soul. Jelly Rose performances are best described as "live music videos". Her "normal" sets include dancers, props and other surprises to help tell the song's story. That being said, her KC Fringe Festival performances will allow the audience to experience Jelly Rose in a stripped down, intimate setting. Ignore her age and immerse yourself in the music artistry of a talented singer/songwriter/performer. You will journey through a range of emotions with Jelly Rose. You will be moved!
Jelly Rose will take the stage each night with an arsenal of over 25 original songs. Her 4 to 6 member band are talented and well rehearsed; able to slide in and out of any song that Jelly Rose feels is right for the moment, the audience, the mood and the energy. Thus, you can expect a varying set-list each night she performs.



Just Off Broadway Theatre

3051 Penn Valley Dr
Kansas City, MO 64108

Show Times

7/18 - Saturday - 9:30 pm

7/21- Tuesday- 9:30 pm

7/24- Friday- 11:00 pm




60 Minutes




Strobe Lights