Just Off Broadway

Just Off Broadway

BestLight-MichelleTJohnsonMichelle T. Johnson

Luke is a a talented artist who who is devoted to his longtime girlfriend Maya. The only wrinkle in an otherwise beautiful life is Luke’s bipolar disorder. Medication to keep life in balance conflicts with his creative urges. When you play fast and loose with your medication, sometimes love means always having to say you’re sorry. Written by Michelle T. Johnson (Wiccans in the Hood). Directed by Teresa Leggard. Starring Davis DeRock, Meredith Wolfe, Ted Collins and Sherri Roulette-Mosley. 60m G (Adult Language)

Hairy-Ape-Fringe-Promo-FinalRelevance Productions

Relevance Productions returns to Fringe after the 2012 Fringe hit, Buck Hoss, with Hairy Ape. A thrilling retelling of the iconic expressionistic drama by Eugene O’Neill, Hairy Ape tells the story of the brutish laborer Yank, and his search for meaning and belonging in a world dominated by the wealthy. Told in the style of a post-modern rock concert at breakneck speed, Hairy Ape is a cautionary tale about the war against the 1%. With Scott Cox as Yank. Directed by Trevor Belt. 60m PG (Adult Language)

JellyRoseJelly Rose

Jelly Rose performs an eclectic mix of original music with sounds and textures from various genres including jazz, country, pop, rock, R&B and gospel. As one of her songs states, she wishes to remain “Unclassified” as an artist. She creates “Spirit Music” that is good for the heart, mind and soul. Jelly Rose performances are best described as “live music videos”. Her “normal” sets include dancers, props and other surprises to help tell the song’s story. 60m G (Strobe Lights) Music

NeverEverAfter-PhilKinenPhil Kinen/Big Show Productions

A story of sexual awakening, rites of passage, and loss of innocence, Never Ever After tells the story of Huckleberry Finn spending the last summer of his youth with Peter Pan on Neverland. 60m R (Nudity) Theatre

ShowMustGoOn-SkyParadeSky Parade

We’ve all had that moment when something doesn’t quite go according to plan, yet on stage a performer must stand vigilant and continue. That’s just to speak for the things you see on stage. What do you know about the story before the curtain rises? Follow three performers caught in the whirlwind that is showbiz as they endure the every day obstacles of an artist. Magic, mime, danger and comedy await you, but remember no matter what happens, “The Show Must Go On!” 60m G skyparadecircus.com Theatre

Sue Aside graphicPhoenix KC Theatre

It’s been eighteen months since Trevor’s ex, Sue, left him. Since then, he’s done everything she had wanted – quit drinking, watched his diet, stayed on top of his diabetes. He’s even named his new dog after her. Tonight, his planned “surprise” meeting is set to happen at her office. Will Sue take him back? Will it backfire? Because, as everyone knows, love can be great, but sometimes, love bites. Featuring Laura Jacobs and Scott Cox. Written by Vicki Vodrey. Directed by Warren Deckert. 60m PG phoenixkctheatre.com

TakingCareOfMom-JackPhillipsJack Phillips

Mom and Dad, married over fifty years, are retired and living at home with Natalie, their great-niece. Mom has a serious health issue and has decided how she needs to handle it. Her decision makes everyone question their moral thinking. Mom’s short list of things to do includes a final conversation with their son, Ted, who has been out of touch for over two years. Ted is enjoying his life in the city when he receives a message from home, “Ted – son – come home. My time is running out.” 90m R (Simulated Violence)

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