The Living Room

Living Room

BalladofLeftyandCrabbe-LivingRoomThe Living Room

Jerry Genochio directs this quirky new musical, comedy partners Lefty and Crabbe are faced with the slow decline of Vaudeville and the rise of Hollywood. Struggling to break into film, they wrestle with pressure to conform to the demands of Hollywood by changing their looks, their act, and possibly leaving their partnership behind. A host of old-timey characters peek into the struggle between passion and self-consciousness, selfacceptance and ambition. 60m PG (Adult Language)

Cycle-PKProdPK Productions

Justin is a sexy, talented, musician. He’s so close to getting everything he could possibly want, and Bell, his manager, will do everything she can to make sure she gets it for him. They soon meet Deb, a new musician in town, who could use a little help. Sexy and talented, Justin likes her immediately . The thing is, Justin has a strength and a weakness. He is very good at asking what’s best for others. He’s not good at asking what’s best for himself, even when the two are one and the same. 60m R Theatre


 The Living Room 

Peggy Friesen stars in this three person comedy/drama written by KC Fringe’s favorite playwright Forrest Attaway. On the day of her ex-husband’s funeral, Amanda is confronted by his recent live-in girlfriend. They both stand to inherit a large sum of money... but there is a catch. They both have to bury him by hand. Laughter and tears ensue as the two women engage in what can only be described as an unforgettable night of theatre. Also starring Amy Attaway, and Seth Macchi. 60m PG

ThisThatThen-BryanMosesThe Living Room

ThisThatThen is a three-act love story between Ethan and Aimee. Writer/ director Bryan Moses brings his epic romance to The Living Room stage. 90m PG (Adult Language) Theatre

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