Paul Mesner Studio

Paul Mesner


EstessFlower-NegativeSpaceNegative Space Theatre Company

A sweeping fantasy on an intimate scale, The Estess Flower takes audiences to the far-away kingdom of Zaramor, where queens and kings rule the land, and curses and magic run rampant. In the midst of all this is a classic story about love and power that is sure to harken back to the classic era of fantasy. 60m PG (Simulated Violence) Theatre


FunnyThingHappened-MikeHornerMike Horner

A long time ago in a puppet theater far, far away... what would it have been like if George Lucas had turned his epic space saga into a musical puppet show? Find out in this wacky puppet parody of Star Wars written by musician Curt Bright and adapted for puppet theater by Mike Horner. 60m G Comedy


Paul Mesner Puppets

From her fabulous entrance to her dramatic exit, Georgette, the First Lady of the Paul Mesner Puppets, will enthrall all who are lucky enough to be in her majestic presence. Long admired as the hostess with the great cupcakes, this longtime sidekick and alter ego of puppet master Paul Mesner will share her opinions on politics, fashion and other topics too titillating to mention. Naughty, nutty and slightly slutty, Georgette takes us along on her TED-dy talks of discovery. 60m R Comedy


IandYou-CoterieCoterie Theatre

The written word, the meaning of life and teenage turmoil blend into mystical harmony in The Coterie's compelling production of Lauren Gunderson’s award winning drama, I AND YOU.  This show features an acting team from the Coterie's master classes and alumni, with taut direction by Nancy Marcy.  The story starts with Anthony urging Caroline to get out of bed to finish a school project on Walt Whitman.  By the end, Caroline must find her own take on Whitman’s “barbaric yawp” which the poet says should be done in the face of one’s mortality.  60m G (Adult Language) Theatre


Umbrellas-PerformOutPerformOUT KC (Topeka, KS)

Produced and performed by PerformOUT KC, Umbrellas is a coming of age story about four teenagers. As they each try to work through their own issues with sexuality and identity, outside forces act in their way. They then must learn how to protect and accept themselves because once you accept and love yourself the world won’t seem as scary. This is a story about sharing experiences, being open to love and accepting people for their true selves. 60m G Theatre

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