Phosphor Studio

Phosphor Studio

ArtIsALie-UndisclosedUndisclosed Theatre Company

The Art is a Lie is a theatrical experience that explores the inter- connectedness of all art forms. This series of short plays, staged in an art gallery venue, grapple with domestic abuse, technology and society, commercialism, self-destruction, and of course the ultimate question: What is art? There also may or may not be an art heist involved. Shhhhh! It’s top secret. The Art is a Lie will feature original work from playwrights Margaret Shelby, Lindsay Adams, and Victor Wishna. 60m PG (Adult Language)

divine soundsArup Ratan Mukherjee

The production features performances of classical Indian Hindustani music on the sitar accompanied on the tabla. Pieces include Alap, a melody without rhythm; Madyalay Ghat, a composition at medium pace; and Dhruth/Jhala, a composition performed to a very fast beat. The main program will be followed by folk compositions. 60m G Music


Moonshine Variety Company

Tommy has reached a breaking point with his overbearing boss, Scott. After receiving a severely critical e-mail from Scott for not accomplishing a given task, Tommy creates a human resources disaster when he responds with an harshly worded e-mail of his own. As punishment, Tommy and his teammates must participate in a team-building exercise in which Scott is authorized to hunt them down and “kill” them with a touch of his hand. 60m PG (Simulated Violence) Theatre

 Mom-BoxOfClownsBox of Clowns (Portland, OR)

Death can be scary. So can clowns. But what if they weren’t? Clown siblings Victoria, Frank, and Mango mourn the loss of their mother by daring to find joy. It’s OK to laugh at this funeral, and it’s OK to cry at this clown show. 60m PG (Smoke, Haze or Fog) Theatre

 Oread Quartet 2Oread Quartet

Oread is an experimental, modern classical music ensemble specializing in phenomenal compositions from the last several decades. The four ensemble members will present an exquisite hour of exciting works for violin, alto sax, french horn, and marimba. Listen to intelligent and engaging music by composers like Robert Aldridge, Piazzolla and even a premiere by Eric Hessel. Oread members include Kelly Bohling, violin, Robbie Harvey, alto sax, Eric Hessel, french horn, and Mia Tadokoro, marimba. 60m G Music

CreepyBasement-PapavlasoCreepy Basement Players (St. Louis, MO)

Long known as the Gateway to the West, St. Louis has switched from exporting Oregon Trail settlers to exporting really funny comedy shows. Come see a showcase of the best young and upcoming improv and stand-up comedians the Arch City has to offer. Featuring veterans of the 2014 and 2015 St. Lou Fringe Festivals and the 2014 Chicago Improv Festival. 60m R Comedy



Plug into a fresh theatrical experience with Self-Ease. Through original sketches, songs, soundscapes, movement, and clown pieces devised by our ensemble, we explore how social media and technology shape the way we interact and connect with ourselves and others. Come laugh with us, think with us, feel with us, and connect with us as we discover what it means to relate in the modern era. Start the interaction now by visiting 60m PG (Adult Language) Theatre

SevenStages-SeniorPlayersKansas City Senior Theatre

Never has the tale of love and loss in the world of dementia been so courageously shared than in these stories of a daughter, son, grandchild, wife, husband, nephew and partner.  Join us as we bring seven stories into one moment that celebrates the beauty and joy in aging and creatively portrays how sometimes, love and acceptance looks a little different.  60m G (Adult Language) Theatre

zeus cuckoo 4Michael Schaeffer (Fairbanks, AK)

He’s the artist Maximum RocknRoll magazine calls “inexplicable but totally hilarious” and the Minneapolis Star Tribune hails as “brilliantly funny, unpretentious, and engaging.” National Poetry Slam poet and pop culture maven Michael Shaeffer flies in from Alaska to spin silly stories from Greek gods to 80s rock, from funky frogs to frisky Vulcans, and from the Beatles to Saturday-morning cartoons. If you missed his 2013 show Hot Lava! here’s your chance to catch him! Three shows only! 60m PG (Adult Language) Spoken Word

1730 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111