Program Changes

Cancelled Shows

Scientist Turned Comedian
Skewl, Or How to Raise Your Human

Tim Lee
Kim Ratliff

The Fishtank
Westport Coffee House

Info Missing from 'Schedule' pages of Program

Pg. 33
Pg. 31

Sat. 7/25 9:00pm Show
Fri. 7/24 6:00pm Show

Correction to 'Schedule' of program

Listed on Friday July 24th at 6:30pm, when it should be Wednesday July 22 at 9:30pm.

Correct dates and times:
Saturday, July 18 - 9:30PM
Tuesday, July 21 - 6:30PM
Wednesday, July 22 - 9:30PM
Thursday, July 23 - 8:00PM
Saturday, July 25 - 6:30PM

VENUE and SHOW TIME change

Move from Heartland to Union Station - City Stage

Sat. 7/18 12 midnight
Sun. 7/19 7:30pm
Fri. 7/24 12 midnight


Sat. July 26th 12 midnight