Taking Care of Mom: The Musical

Jack Phillips

Show Information:

TCOMMom and Dad, married over fifty years, are retired and living at home with Natalie, their great-niece. Mom has a serious health issue and has decided how she needs to handle it. Her decision makes everyone question their moral thinking. Mom's short list of things to do includes a final conversation with their son, Ted, who has been out of touch for over two years. Ted is enjoying his life in the city when he receives a message from home, "Ted - son - come home. My time is running out." 


Just Off Broadway

3051 Penn Valley Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64111

Show Times

7/17 - Friday - 6:00pm

7/18 - Saturday - 2:00pm

7/20 - Monday - 8:00pm

7/22 - Wednesday - 9:30pm

7/23 - Thursday - 8:00pm

7/25 - Saturday - 6:00pm




90 Minutes




Simulated Violence