Unicorn: Jerome Stage

Unicorn Jerome

BondLogan Black

2006 was one of the bloodiest years in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Iraqi society fractured and eventually devolved into sectarian violence, Saddam Hussein was executed and a young man with a yellow lab at his side found himself right in the middle of it all. In this one-man show Logan Black will tell the story of the bond created between K-9 and handler. Based on his experiences as Specialized Search Dog Handler and the year he spent working with SSD Diego in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. 60m G (Gunshots) Theatre

KC Fringe ProgramTimothy Mooney Repertory Theatre (Prospect Heights, IL)

Shakespeare’s rip-roaring revenge drama/thriller, in just one hour with just one man! The greatest play of all time, as presented by the actor/adaptor of The Greatest Speech of All Time, Shakespeare’s Histories, and Lot o’ Shakespeare! Thrilling, profound, and still kind of hilarious, Hamlet holds the mirror up to nature like no play before or since! 60m G timmooneyrep.com Theatre


Criteria-TimMooneyTimothy Mooney Repertory Theatre

300 years in the future, your Social Security number determines your very existence. One man on a mission to wipe out the “bloated, bourgeois Fives,” finds his worldview turned upside-down amid a U.S. transformed into the logical product of Homeland Security paranoia. Hilarious and hauntingly plausible, the Seattle Fringe Review Rag called it “A comic espionage sequence Woody Allen might have written … the drama unfolds at a captivating pace and the dark comedy crackles.” 60m PG timmooneyrep.com Theatre


image1Lucky Deluxe (West Hollywood, CA)

Dirty Birdie Story Hour is Susanna Lee/Lucky DeLuxe’s celebration of the deviance of deviants, as hand-picked entertainers amaze, shock, titillate, tickle and thrill you with their deepest, darkest secret stories. In addition, there are games and prizes, making this the perviest hour of fun you’ve ever had with your clothes on (for the most part)! 60m R susannelee.com Comedy

The Snake That Stole the Flower Square Program LogoImpulse Productions

Twenty-something Maggie comes home to her small hometown of Cole Camp, Missouri: Population: 1,000 and their dying plants. Comedy and drama take center stage when tarot cards go flying, old ghosts return, and the disease you try to outrun is in the marrow of your own backyard. A new play by Alli Jordan, directed by Taylor St. John. Starring Lauren Pope, Margaret Shelby, Chris Roady, and Seth Macch i. 60m R Theatre

Wanted-GhostlightGhost Light Productions KC

In this day and age, communication has never been easier. Asking for help is just a click away. The internet gives us so much freedom, putting up a Craigslist ad takes hardly any effort, millions of people make “Wanted” ads every day. But who are the people behind these ads? Why do they reach out to the internet for help? Two men and two women will explore this question by reenacting real-life Craiglists ads from the Kansas City area. Missed encounters, job openings, m4w, w4m, all Wanted. 60m PG (Adult Language) Theatre

3828 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64111