Unicorn: Levin Stage

Unicorn Levin


Kansas City Cabaret

This summer the nation’s hottest reality television series comes to Kansas City. It is the night of the concluding rose ceremony and the remaining contestants have a final chance to win the heart of one man. Watch as America’s most eligible bachelor Big Al Dente selects a winner from five of Kansas City’s buxom burlesque starlets. This year Kansas City Cabaret brings you a mixed-media parody combining burlesque with videography. “AL” You Need is Love” is reality tv as you’ve never seen it! 60m R Burlesque

BottomsUp.jpgBottoms Up Sketch Comedy

The best sketch comedy in Kansas City! From the minds that brought you Tour of Kansas City, The Roast of Jesus Christ, and many other sketches you’ve never heard of, a brand new hour of comedy. Nothing is off limits in this show so when you get tired of pretending to like avant garde productions, come laugh at us! 60m R Comedy


Heidi Van and Alisa Lynn

An ode to contemporary courting rituals in a digital society! By Heidi Van and Alisa Lynn 60m R fishtanktheatre.com Theatre


Jesse Ray Metcalf

Chloe has met the boy of her dreams. Fireworks are sparkling in the sky and life is starting to make sense. What happens when that boy throws Chloe to the curb? All the townfolk think Chloe is damaged but the new girls in town are here to show Chloe that boys will come and go but friends are forever. Wipe that mascara from under your eyes and learn revenge is a dish best served in heels. Jesse Ray Metcalf’s Lovesick is a classic story of girl gets boy, girl loses boy, girl gets bad. Boys Beware! 60m PG (Nudity) Theatre

100Horses-KarolSteve Karol
Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary

A multi-media mixture of storytelling, live music, and dance with a video backdrop that tells a unique tale about an ordinary guy who collects stamps. His desire to finish his collection is thwarted by circumstances beyond his control. The quest to fulfill his obsessive compulsion leads him on a journey back in time through war-torn China during WWII. On an epic journey up the Yangzte River where history comes alive. 90m G naturesanctuary.com Theatre

PenisMonologues-HeidiVanHeidi Van and Peregrine Honig

A new play by Heidi Van and Peregrine Honig devised through documented conversations with men and women about sexuality. It is not just about size or shape, or rejections and erections. The Penis Monologues is about intimacy. There may not be a narrative to mirror every audience member but perhaps there will be a familiar member for everyone in the audience. 60m R fishtanktheatre.com Theatre

3828 Main St
Kansas City, MO 64111