Westport Coffee House

Westport Coffee House

AdiGordonAdi Gordan (Los Angeles, CA)

Los Angeles-based comedian and Kansas City-native, Adi Gordan performs his unique brand of stand up comedy, with featured appearances from some other multi-talented comedy acts, including LA based, Caitlin Tortorici and KC's own Glenn Schongar. 60m R adigordan.com Comedy

ByrdClownsByTheSea-Byrd Productions

Come join the flock for their magical, family-friendly adventure on, around, and under the sea. Come see mermaids, synchronized swimming, sharks, and adventure. Maybe even a lovely bunch of coconuts. Bouy will you have fun! byrdproductions.org 60m G Theatre

Br. John and Joyce Slater

Dr. U. B. Healed, an evangelist and bishop, and Sister Sweet Angel of Heaven, Miss Annabelle Jones, have come together at last to prove their worth. Who is the better preacher? They go toe-to-toe on religious and political issues, raising hell and a little fire and brimstone that leaves some festering sores for both, while they take on the big sins in life and find that they are both unworthy. 60m R Spoken Word


 Kansas Theatre Project (Lawrence, KS)

Lustful and Evil and Treacherous, oh my! Journey through the Circles of Hell with Dante and Virgil, in Stanley Lombardo’s acclaimed translation of “Inferno.” Amid flames and ice, the poetts encounter tormented souls Francesca, Ulysses, and Count Ugolino – and finally hideous Satan himself. Steel your own soul to the utmost for Lombardo’s newest solo performance. 60m PG Theatre


 The Comedy Minute

The Comedy Minute presents a showcase of some of KC’s most talented stand-up comedians. Curated by KCStandup.com, these comedians represent the vibrantly hilarious stand-up comedy scene in Kansas City. Each show will feature a unique lineup of KC favorites and some promising newcomers! Brought to you by The Comedy Minute: Comedy from people you haven’t heard of, yet. Curated by KCStandup.com, digital home of Kansas City stand-up comedy. thecomedyminute.com 60m PG


Apostrophe S Image

Apostrophe S

Hello - could I just have a moment - okay - well I’m glad you already donate at church - but I was actually hoping to - okay bye... Hi! Do you have a sec? Oh um - all right - I will put it right up there as soon as I can. You have a nice day, sir - er - ma’am. Join comedy duo Apostrophe S - featuring sisters, Taylor Kay and Tess Phillips - as they push boundaries, envelopes, and allergic kids off the swing set. It’ll just take a minute*. *It will take more. 60m PG (Adult Language) Comedy

Presto-KCImprovThe KC Improv Company

In Presto! A Musical!, talented improviser-actors request the name of a musical that has never been written or performed, and perform a one-act musical play on the spot, with the assistance of accompanist Colin Sandal. In Script Tease, we invite actors from other current Fringe shows to join them for a unique performance. What happens when one actor doesn’t know her lines? What if she doesn’t even know the play? Or the person she’s acting with? Script Tease is what happens. 60m R Comedy

MaximuSecretBookOfJesus-MaximumVerbositym Verbosity (St. Louis Park, MN)

Hidden in Egyptian tombs. Buried in earthenware jars. Traded in dark antiquities markets. For the first time in history, the Gospels suppressed or ignored by the early church have been combined to give a complete portrait of the life of Jesus: his parents’ miraculous marriage; his bizarre killing sprees as an infant; his journey down into Hell; his apostles’ interrogation of Satan. A solo storytelling show for the faithful and heretic alike – two thousand years in the making. 60m PG (Simulated Violence)

Skewl-KimRatliffKim Ratliff

A comedic improv romp, with all material focused on a school setting. Have you ever been to school? Sent your child to school? Wished you could have a “do over” from your childhood education? Audience members will be asked to submit suggestions for the scenes at each performance. 60m PG Comedy

SurvivingLove-MalcolmGrissomMalcolm Grissom (San Francisco, CA)

You don’t need to go to Oz to find love.  Love can be a beautiful, tropical sunset on a cloudy day, or a pristine beach... filled with quicksand. For Malcolm Grissom, it's the whirlpool that drags him underwater, spits him onto the beach, only to be dragged into the sand. At least, that's what he's experienced so far. But, that's about to change. On his quest for love, Malcolm gets advice from an overbearing Hollywood-type drama queen, a retro hipster Indian and a copasetic Jazz musician, and realizes that when it comes to love, there’s no place like home.. 

4010 Pennsylvania
Kansas City, MO 64111